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Key Projects

Development of bus modern terminal to accommodate the informal sector for passenger bus operations

Pavement, signalizing and road marking for efficient flow of traffic

Development of a comprehensive transport master plan that encapsulate holistically a long-term transport master plans comprising all modes and requirements for implementation for the State

Building of bus Terminal for the operation of bus services by ECTS

Depot for stabling of buses after daily operations

Development of Truck Transit Parks at Ahor and Aviele in order to decongest the highway and to regulate truck transit activities in the state. Activities towards the development comprises but not limited to conducting Environmental Social Impact Assessment , HSE, Feasibility study among others

Enforcement, profiling and certification of drivers/owners of commercial vehicles

The ITS comprises of the database development, scheduling the central intelligence, mobile application, control intelligence, mobile application, control centre for the planning and operation of regulated Public Transit (PT)

Construction of Bus Shelters/stops on public transit corridors.

Enhancing the operation of ECTS through the introduction of 100 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) High Occupancy Buses

Development of modern inter-state bus terminals to accommodate both formal and informal sector transport operations