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Design & Construction of Ultra-Modern Benin Central Bus Terminal

Project Goals

Transform the bus travel experience: Create a state-of-the-art terminal that is comfortable, safe, and efficient for passengers.
Modernize transportation infrastructure: Replace outdated facilities with a modern hub that reflects the city’s growth and aspirations.
Enhance connectivity: Improve connections between different modes of transportation, making it easier for people to travel within Benin City and beyond.
Support economic development: Provide a space for businesses to operate within the terminal, creating jobs and generating revenue for the local economy.

Features and Amenities

Spacious and well-organized waiting areas: Comfortable seating, climate control, and clear signage for a pleasant passenger experience.
Multiple bus loading and unloading bays: Efficiently handle a high volume of buses and passengers.
Modern ticketing system: Convenient electronic ticketing and information displays.
Retail shops and restaurants: Offer a variety of services and amenities for travelers.
Accessible design: Cater to the needs of people with disabilities, ensuring equal access for all.
Green initiatives: Incorporate sustainable building materials and energy-efficient technologies.

Junction Improvement Works at Two Strategic Locations in Benin City

Project Goals

Enhance traffic flow: Redesign intersections to reduce congestion and improve safety for all road users.
Optimize traffic management: Install modern traffic signals and signage for efficient traffic control.
Improve road markings: Provide clear guidance for drivers and pedestrians, reducing the risk of accidents.
Increase pedestrian safety: Create dedicated pedestrian crossings and walkways, prioritizing the needs of pedestrians.


Addition of dedicated turning lanes: Separate turning traffic from through traffic, reducing delays and improving safety.
Signal optimization: Utilize advanced signal timing technology to adjust signal durations based on real-time traffic conditions.
Intersection widening: Increase capacity to accommodate higher traffic volumes.
Pedestrian-friendly infrastructure: Install well-lit crosswalks, countdown timers, and accessible ramps.

Development of a Comprehensive Transport Master Plan

Project Goals

Create a long-term vision: Establish a strategic roadmap for the development of Edo State’s transportation system over the next several decades.
Address current and future needs: Identify transportation challenges and opportunities, considering population growth, economic development, and environmental sustainability.
Prioritize projects: Guide investment decisions and ensure that resources are allocated to projects with the greatest impact on the overall transportation network.
Coordinate across sectors: Align transportation planning with land use, housing, and economic development goals.

Components of the Master Plan

Data collection and analysis: Gather information on existing transportation infrastructure, travel patterns, and future demand projections.
Public engagement: Involve stakeholders and the public in the planning process to ensure that the plan reflects the needs and priorities of the community.
Scenario planning: Evaluate different options for future development and assess their potential impacts.
Policy recommendations: Propose specific policies and actions to achieve the plan’s goals.